Nelson is the Creative Director & President of Artfield's full service Promotional Advertising Agency.

He personally offers Strategic Planning, Promotional Consulting and has expertise in Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Commercial Photography, Video Production along with Creative & Technical Illustartion skills.



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New Ideas equals new Vision



Pat has created beautiful custom design treatments for Residential homes, Retail facilities, Head Office reception areas and Executive offices. She has produced unique Living room areas, Kitchens, Home theatres areas, Master bedrooms & Ensuites, as well as complete home layouts. Large home builders have featured her structural details designed for walls, ceilings and floors, which have also included lighting features. Clients have requested her designs when custom units are needed for special furniture pieces, as well as exterior decks and garden features.

Pat is a trained professional Interior Designer who is knowledgeable about construction practices and working to building codes. She is able to create functional interiors and quality room treatments that reflect the clients taste and wishes.